Dvorine  Associates

"As a young girl growing up in New York, I was always fascinated by theater design and stage settings. I can remember seeing 'My Fair Lady' when it was originally on Broadway and being mesmerized by the setting of Professor Higgins's library." -Arleen Dvorine

Arleen is an award winning, published interior designer.  Her first project was assisting in the design of more than a dozen rooms in a design showhouse in the original Baltimore Civic Center.  More than 30 years later, she has become known for her highly detailed, inviting, and livable interiors.

Her portfolio is diverse and includes projects from an urban warehouse redesign to a lakeside vacation compound in Maine.  Her firm often becomes involved in projects at the blueprint stage, but she also enjoys reinventing and renovating existing spaces.

Arleen takes the approach of an architect with the insight of an interior designer – she understands the important relationship between space and design and also respects how her clients need to function in those spaces on a daily basis. Before Arleen begins the design process she holds several meetings to explore her client’s needs, often finding inspiration in their personalities, collections, and travels.

She fills her clients’ homes with richness, depth and warmth.  “I prefer creating an environment rather than just strategically placing furniture,” she says.  It’s all in the layers, starting with surfaces and millwork to custom cabinetry, lighting, and window treatments.  She personally creates most of the architectural details and commissions intricately hand-drawn illustrations which allow the client to visualize the finished space.

Her talents inspire such a following that clients use her when they move from home to home, creating a bond that spans decades.  In some cases, the children of her clients become clients themselves.  “The process is personal, and the relationships always special and fulfilling. This is truly a passion for me.”

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