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It’s Not About The Scarf

November 24th, 2010

So we all know that every worthy interior designer has at least one Louis Vuitton tote and one Hermès scarf. The question is, “Can they keep that scarf magically draped over one shoulder all day without it falling off?” I can’t.

Well I suppose that is the stereotypical image of the female interior designer (the male interior designers just wear their scarves differently!).

When you are about to make a substantial investment in home design you should be able to make a decision about who you hire based on more than just scarf appeal.  You will be embarking on a fairly long and personal relationship bringing someone into your life, your family and your home.

I have been fortunate to have had relationships with many of my clients that have lasted my entire career and have continued with their children.

Word of mouth is how most client/customer relationships begin.  However, word of mouth is not limited to literal “word of mouth” anymore.  There are many very talented designers with fresh creative ideas who may not be the “cocktail party” name!

Through technology we have such a variety of mechanisms for finding, researching and evaluating potential suitors.  Why not use all of its capabilities?  Here are several techniques you could use to make a more fully informed interior design decision:

  • Google

Google is a great place to start.  Maryland Interior Designers.  Arleen Dvorine.  Dvorine Associates.  You can find more than simply a business’s website.  Reviews, portfolios, activity within a company, and much more come with the results of a search.

  • Social Media

Social media is a brilliant new tool.  Search internally on Facebook and Twitter to see what people are saying about interior design and various interior designers.  Search for designers who were recommended by your friends to find organic reviews.  These outlets give insight to the kind of personality and characteristics of someone you may potentially do business with.

  • Interview People

This is so important – after you research and you narrow it down to a few designers, schedule interviews.  A good interior designer will listen beyond what you tell them.  They should have a portfolio of their work to show to you and if possible take you to one or two of their projects.  You should be comfortable with the person you will be working with. Understand that the job you are looking at was tailored to the needs, taste and requirements of that client.  The specific details of that job may not be exactly what you want but you should work together to achieve the best possible environment for you, your family and your lifestyle.

You should be able to grow with your surroundings.  Design should be classic with the punch coming from the accessories.  Fad design is just that and too costly to constantly redo.

Utilize all the resources available.  Know your style but at the same time also know that the right designer will enhance your vision.  A good designer is multi-faceted.  My BFD wrote her latest blog on how to find your style.  Check it out.

So you will never have the rug pulled out from under you, are there any questions left unanswered that you may have?  Now I turn the floor plan over to you.

P.S.  I do not own a Louis Vuitton tote but maybe tucked away somewhere is a vintage Hermes scarf (never worn over my shoulder!).

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